A Japanese urban legend is a story in Japanese folklore which is circulate around the country as true. These urban legends are characterized by originating in or being popularized throughout the country of Japan. These urban legends commonly involve paranormal entities or creatures who encounter and/or attack humans, but the term can also encompass widespread, non-supernatural rumors in popular culture. Let’s know about some of them…

1. Aka Manto (RED CAPE)

a figure in a red gown
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Aka Manto, in English it means Red Cape. He is very famous and widely-spread Urban Legend from Japan. According to folklore, a good-looking teenager was brutally murdered in public restroom. While his murderer never got caught. People believe that those who are alone or go alone in restroom are haunted by him.

figure in red gown
choose between them
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In 1980s, many incident at that time were famous in which people get injure or found dead and those who escaped any how, brief the story that if you are alone in restrooms a spirit appears suddenly. Asks, you want red cape or blue cape? if you choose red, the spirit will tear your skin and cover your body as you are wearing a red cape. If your answer is blue, he will choke you until your body becomes blue. And no no don’t be over-smart with him otherwise be ready to dragged in creepiest part of the hell. If you want to escape and save your life just say “sorry, i don’t want any cape”.

2. Kuchisake-onnaΒ (Slit-Mouthed Woman)

woman with wide mouth
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Kuchisake-onna is an urban legend from Japan about the malevolent spirit, or onryō, of a woman with a mutilated mouth. People say that she partially cover her face with a mask or object, and reportedly carries a sharp tool of some kind, such as a knife or a large pair of scissors.

According to popular legend, she will ask potential victims if they think she is attractive. If an individual responds with “no”, she will kill them with her weapon. If they say “yes”, she will then reveal that the corners of her mouth have been slit from ear to ear or the individual again responds that she is unattractive, or if they scream in fright, she will kill them with her weapon. On condition they say “yes”, she will cut the corners of their mouth in such a way that mimics her own disfigurement.

Japanese woman with umbrella
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To survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna, according urban legend, individuals may answer her question by describing her appearance as “average”, or distract her with money or hard candies.

3. Hanako-san of the Toilet

Toilet Ghost
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Hanako-san, or Toire no Hanako-san, Hanako of the Toilet), is a legend about the spirit of a young girl. She haunts school bathrooms. Different versions of the story include that Hanako-san is the ghost of a girl. She was kill while playing hide-and-seek during an air raid in World War II. She was murder by stranger or an abusive parent, or that she commit suicide in a school bathroom.

10 Horror Movies Inspired By Creepy Urban Legends – Page 5
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Rumors and legends about Hanako-san have achieved notable popularity in Japanese primary schools. Where children may challenge classmates to try and summon Hanako-san. Do you think is it safe….?

4. Hachishakusama

Hachishakusama ( Eight Feet Tall ) - CHAP#3 Hachishakusama - Wattpad
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Hachishakusama which means 8-foot tall. She is a spirit of woman. She kidnaps kids and early teens, this is reason why people call her La Llorona of Japan. If she happens to like any kid, just in few days the kid disappears or found dead mysteriously. She is famous for bluff stories, she cheats them by taking shape of their relative and call them in their voice. But people say she can only change her looks not her height.

girl sitting and a women staring
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SO next time beware if you see any extra long creepy woman around you…may be it could be her.

5. Kunekune (Wriggling body)

Ghosts And Ghouls
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KUNEKUNE is an urban legend from Japan which concerns distant apparitions seen on widely extended rice or barley fields on hot summer days. A kunekune refers to an indiscernible white object, similar in appearance to a tall, slender strip of paper or a textile sheet, that shimmers and wiggles as if moved by wind, even on windless days. This is the reason people also consider her as Slender Man of Japan

Black Kunekune | Kowabana
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According to legend, anyone who tries to get a closer look at it go insane or dies when touching it. Early reports of kunekune appeared on several websites at the same time. The kunekune legend may be based on local ghost stories about scarecrows coming to life at night (or when someones stares at them too often). Alleged encounters of kunekune are likely a misinterpretation of either a scarecrow wiggling slightly in the wind or wick drains plant to drain water from inner ground to robust the soft ground.

if you are planning your trip to Japan…just think twice before going….!!!

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