Scariest Game you should never Play.


Well if you happen to be looking for something a little more high stakes and thrilling you might look for a darker game. You should be warned though when playing against spirits, Demons and monster the price can be your health, sanitary or even your life.

1. The Ghost Paper Game


It is also known as the spirit of the door. Allows you to attempt summon human spirit to your home and ask it three questions. There’s a very specific ritual to this game that’s littered with red flags. Each of which result in your needing to evacuate your home immediately or face brutal consequences.

At 3 a.m. sharp you light a candle and set it on one of a close door. Knocking on it three times to welcome the spirit to join you. Next, write a question on a paper and slide it under the door and wait. If the paper remains still the spirit didn’t join you. If it’s taken to the other side. It’s returned with an answer you can proceed to ask 2 more questions in the same manner. If anything goes wrong do apologize to the spirit immediately and get out while you still can.

2. Charlotte’s Web


If you think you are brave enough enter a dark room with a trusted friend. Sit at a table facing a mirror using only a flashlight as a light. Place a toy as an offering to the spirit of a Charlotte on the table in front of you. Proclaim we want to play charlotte’s web. Then quietly wait to see if she will answer your summon. If the spirit of a girl appears and takes the toy all is well and she will answer questions for you. Beware Charlotte has a temper. She has been known to attack players if she doesn’t like the toy that you offer. She also seems to be very

against candles. Legends claim a family member of her was burnt at the stake and additionally make sure you never look away from the mirror as she known to lash out an attack if she feels as though she is being ignored.

3. Daruma San

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If you enjoyed playing green light and red light as a kid then perhaps this high stakes version will appeal to you. However, in this version, you summon a spirit of Japanese women who met a tragic, and after slipping in the bathtub. By washing your hair with your eyes closed and repeating the Daruma Sans fell down. If done properly she will appear to you and you will go to bed as normal, the game begins when you wake up the next morning.

For the entire day, you feel as though you are being followed and if you look over your right shoulder you might just see her. She will attempt to catch you and if she gets too close to you can yell Tamari and run away. To end the game you must see her in the Al-Quida, meaning last you lose. And make a chopping motion with your arm before she catches you.

4. The Librarian Game


Between midnight and 4:00 a.m. you may attempt to enter a blood pact with the spirit of the librarian and play a game with a very cool price, heightened intellectual abilities for the rest of your life. You can choose to play the game with another person but if you do this you can never speak to them again after that night. To play you must sign your name in blood on a page of a book and wait for the spirit to appear to you. When he asks you, what the most powerful weapon is…. you answer knowledge and stab the book with a knife.

One must then burn everything you used in the ritual as it is has become cursed. You must also be warned that now the librarian with follow you forever, making you cast two Shadows and watching you as you sleep at night until he makes you lose your sanity or your life.

5. The Three Kings

The ritual of the Three Kings may give you a chance to gain answer from your past by entering what is known as the shadows side to speak with spirits. To prepare for the game you must set 3 chair and two Mirrors in the room you then leave returning to the room at 3:30 a.m. and sitting in one of the chairs lightning a single candle then you wait and staring into the darkest part of the room until you feel a presence there with you. You now have one hour to ask the other Kings the question that you have. But beware should you miss any Red flag such as abnormalities in your physical environment or should you attempt to leave room and thus the game early, you risk offending the other kings who have joined you and offending spirit never turns out well.


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