1. @handsomedevilspuppets

Did you find Chucky, Annabelle and The Boy more creepier. Modern horror franchises have instilled fear of dolls among many people. This profile will certainly find a way to touch on that fear if it exists within you. Handsome Devils Puppets (@handsomedevilspuppets) is someone’s passion project for creating handmade puppets. Their profile hosts a number of images and videos of their completed puppets, many of which resemble notable figures like Edward Scissorhands and Edgar Allen Poe, and others of completely original design. Honestly, if you’re not creeped out by dolls or puppets, it’s really cool and seriously impressive.

Pretty creepy, but an insanely creative passion.

If anything, you should follow Handsome Devils Puppets because they’re obviously dedicated to their craft, passionate about what they do, and truly excel in a rare medium.

2. @hirade

hirade Instagram tagged posts - Gramho.com
isn’t this disturbing

Hirade ( @hirade ) from Sapporo, Japan is a true expert on haikyo. That Japanese term means โ€œruinsโ€ and means the art of capturing spooky decaying places. Hirade published a few kindle books on the topic, and his Instagram is filled with examples of haikyo.

hirade Instagram tagged posts - Gramho.com

just tell me have you ever watched it, no i guess. Don’t creep out , just look at his amazing skills.

3. @creeptoons

 They ( @creeptoons ) are great to dive into. The account is filled with bizarre characters who are illustrated like cartoon characters. Their disproportionate eye sizes and wicked smiles lend themselves to being rather wicked-looking, yet a lot of the characters oddly endearing. In a creepy way, of course.

Their work is oddly endearing while still being pretty dark and bizarre. But u will love to watch them, because who doesn’t like a innocent baby beheading men….

4. @tonydetroit

Tony Detroit on Instagram (With images) | Photography, House styles,  Pictures
source : instagram

The owner of this account, Tony Detroit ( @tonydetroit ), not only has a great following on Instagram, but also an interesting back story. Back when he started on Instagram, he thought the appโ€™s main purpose was photo editing and not photo sharing. So his Insta fame took him completely by surprise.

20 Best Tony Detroit Photography images | Detroit, Instagram, Photography

At 355k Instagram followers, Tony Detroit has built his following by showing people what urban Detroit looks like today. His account is a window into a city filled with abandoned buildings, destroyed houses, and old shops. These photos will give you a Silent Hill feel, some of them will probably give you chills too. In other words, this account is perfect for a late night browsing session just before bed.

5. @lauramakabresku

source : https://turbofuture.com/

Photographer Laura Makabresku (@lauramakabresku) describes her own style as being imbued with elements of folklore, legends, and symbolism. If you take just a brief look at her Instagram profile, you’ll see these elements at play immediately. Her work takes on a very dark and serious 1800’s vibe, and it incredibly haunting. The work puts us easily into a world completely unknown to us and makes it so believable

Her work features a number of crows, which are used to hide people’s faces and perhaps to symbolize death. Overall, it’s incredible the dedication she has to creating her images, and the though she puts into developing each scene.




3. https://turbofuture.com/



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