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An urban legend, myth, tale, or contemporary legend is a genre of folklore comprising stories circulated as true. They are told as happened to a friend or family member, often with horrifying or humorous elements. These urban legend from India can be entertainment, but often concern mysterious peril or troubling events, such as disappearances and strange objects. Urban legends are most often circulate orally. Any media, including newspapers, e-mail, and social media can spread it. Some urban legends have passed through the years with only minor changes to suit regional variations.

Recent legends tend to reflect modern circumstances: for instance, the common legend of a person being surprise and award, only to wake up and realize that they are now missing a kidney that was supposedly surgically removed for transplantation.

Let’s take a look on some of the urban tales from INDIA….!!

1. Muhnochwa

The Spine-Chilling Tale Of The Muhnochwa, A Face-Slashing Spirit That Left  Cities Quaking In Fear

What started as a rumor in the Balia-Ghazipur belt in eastern Uttar Pradesh became a fear psychosis that gripped the state. In June, some villagers have bitten by a light-emitting entity. The “unidentified flying object” was name as the muhnochwa (face scratchier ). Muhnochwa, which literally translates to someone who claws your face, became such a rampant problem in some areas that the UP government urged the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to send a team of scientists to probe into the matter. Without any concrete proof in hand, the team called it nothing but a scare among the masses. This urban legend from India was allegedly found (got arrested ) in Lakhimpur Kheri. Professors at the zoology department of Lucknow University studied it and later identified it as a rare grasshopper.

2. Chudail

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According to some legends, a woman who dies during childbirth or pregnancy or suffered from her in-laws. Will come back as a reverent churel for revenge, particularly targeting the males in her family. The churel is typically describe as “the ghost of an unpurified living thing”. People say that she often jump on to trees. That is the reason call her a tree-spirit.

People mostly describe her (urban legend) as extremely ugly and hideous but is able to shape-shift and disguise herself as a beautiful woman to lure men into the woods or mountains where she either kills them or sucks up their life-force or virility, turning them into old men. There are many folk remedies and folkloric sayings that elaborate on how to get rid of revenant and ghostly churels, and a number of measures that supposedly prevent churels from coming to life.

The family of a woman who dies a traumatic, tragic, or unnatural death might perform special rituals fearing that the victimized woman might return as a churel. The corpses of churels are also bury in a particular method and posture so as to prevent her from returning.

3. Monkey Man

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The Monkey Man of New Delhi aka Kaala Bandar is a monster, roaming Delhi in mid-2001. The urban legend, know by the hairy creature that attacks the residents in the open at night. It was seen jumping from building to building but is just describes as mass hysteria. However, reports of people getting scratches and falling off their buildings after the beastly encounter instigated a sense of fear in the city. Wonder what would be a more horrid experience – a face-off with Monkey Man or watching Delhi 6?

4. Himesh Reshammiya’s music invite evil spirits?

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Himesh Reshammiya might be the only man whose music has the power to raise the dead from their graves. His hit song ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’ from the film Aksar was banned from a village in Gujarat after people were allegedly getting ‘possessed’ by evil ghosts while humming its tune.

 Apparently, the music CDs and cassettes of the song is burn down on orders from the village heads. We were left skeptical if there are any Himesh fans alive on the planet anymore. This Reshammiya song apparently only causes possession for members of the Muslim community. Interestingly, there’s a Gujarati hit number called ‘Sanedo Sanedo’. Hindus living in the village believe to summon a witch that harasses particularly women.

5. Nale Ba

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The rumor about this urban legend is that a witch roams the streets of Bangalore in the ‘90s, knocking door to door. Armed with the powers of deception, she would speak in the voice of a close relative and when you opened the door, you’d die. The residents devised a plan to save their lives by writing ‘Nale Ba’ (come tomorrow) outside their houses. This urban legend from India, the local Kannada-speaking witch was quite obedient after all – turned up at your home, looked at the sign, went away, come again tomorrow, looked at the sign and the cycle continues. People celebrate April 1 is as Nale Ba Day in some parts of Bangalore. We’re sure you know the other worldwide celebration that falls on the same day.


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